IBC Suporturi de revărsare

Double IBC Bund Pallet With Four Way Access

Tároló tálca 2 db IBC tartályhoz levehető ráccsal minden oldalról targoncázható - 1150 literes

Art. No.: SH-IBC-B2FW

Suitable for 2 x 1000ltr IBC this yellow polyethylene bund pallet has 4-way base fork pockets for easy access and a heavy duty load capacity. This model comes with a removable black grid to assist cleaning.

IBC Spill Pallet for 1 x 1000 ltr IBC Deck

Tároló tálca 1 db IBC tartályhoz levehető ráccsal - 1125 literes

Art. No.: SH-IBC-B3G

This IBC spill pallet is fully compliant with the UK and EU 110% bund regulation and is specifically designed for use with most common footprints of 1000ltr intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

IBC Spill Pallet for 2 x 1000 ltr IBCs Without Deck

Tároló tálca 2 db IBC tartályhoz rács nélkül - 1150 literes

Art. No.: SH-IBC-B4

This IBC spill pallet is designed for use with 2 x 1000ltr IBCs. With integral support columns rather than decking it is manufactured from polyethylene for total corrosion protection and broad chemical compatibility. Base fork pockets provided easy loading onto a forklift truck.