Permanent booms with external solid floats

Typical applications are

  • In front of floodgates as a permanent barrier to oil and debris
  • As a barrier to collect plastic debris from lakes and rivers
  • As a permanent barrier protecting smaller waterpower resources and turbines to debris
  • Equipment of smaller hydropower plants


Designed for permanent deployment on calm or protected waters. Fitted with external solid floats these booms robust and extremely durable. Damaged floats are easy to replace. Manufactured in 25 meter long sections and fitted with quick connectors as standard.

Available in 2 standard size and custom dimensions to order permanent booms are suitable for long term deployment because they are robust and hard wearing. Flotation is provided by rigid foam filled floats which are bolted to the skirt which is naturally rigid helping it stay upright in the water. Ballast is provided by a metal chain attached to the bottom edge.

Note - Freeboard is the vertical height of the product above the water and draft is the depth of the product below the water.

Permanent booms with external solid floats
Art. No.: SH-PB500 SH-PB750 SH-PB1000
Boom Type: Rigid external foam flotation
Application: Calm waters / Permanent deployment
Overall height (mm): 500 750 1000
Freeboard (mm): 260 300 350
Draft (mm): 240 450 650
Section Length (m): 25 25 25
Connection*: Type Z ASTM
Deployment / storage option: Reel or horizontal Rack
Required staff: 2 2 2 - 3
* Other connectors available
Boom requirement dependent on the water speed
Current speed in knots Boom to bank angle Length of boom in relation to width of river
0.36 m/s 90° 1 times
0.51 m/s 45° 1.4 times
0.77 m/s 30° 2 times
1.03 m/s 20° 3 times
1.29 m/s 16° 3.5 times
1.54 m/s 15° 4.3 times
1.80 m/s 11° 5 times
2.05 m/s 10° 5.7 times
2.32 m/s 7 times
Permanent boom with external solid floats 500 mm