Fence booms with solid internal float

Typical applications are

  • Oil spill rapid response on rivers and inner harbours
  • In front of smaller floodgates as a barrier to oil and debris
  • In river harbours for surrounding vessels or protecting resources
  • SPCC equipment of inner harbours


Designed for use in calm or protected waters. Fence booms are lightweight, compact and very durable making them easy to use. Deploy and recover easily with a reel. Presents upright in the wáter and adapts/follows the wave action. 25 meter standard section lenghts which are joined with quick connectors.

Available in 2 standard sizes and custom dimensions to order fence booms are lightweight and easy to use making them ideal for deploying from a reel, and they take up very little space when stored or transported to a new location. Fence booms are not recommended for towing or sweeping at sea.

Fence booms with solid internal float
Art. No.: SH-FB500 SH-FB750 SH-FB1000
Boom Type: Fence boom with flat internal floats
Application: Calm water or protected waters
Overall height (mm): 500 750 1000
Freeboard (mm): 210 270 350
Draft (mm): 290 480 650
Section Length (m): 25 25 25
Connection*: Type Z ASTM Type Z ASTM Type Z ASTM
Deployment / storage option: Manual or hydraulic reel
Required staff: 2 2 2 - 3
* Other connectors available
Boom requirement dependent on the water speed
Current speed in knots Boom to bank angle Length of boom in relation to width of river
0.36 m/s 90° 1 times
0.51 m/s 45° 1.4 times
0.77 m/s 30° 2 times
1.03 m/s 20° 3 times
1.29 m/s 16° 3.5 times
1.54 m/s 15° 4.3 times
1.80 m/s 11° 5 times
2.05 m/s 10° 5.7 times
2.32 m/s 7 times
Fence boom with solid internal float 500 mm