Curtain Booms

Typical applications are

  • Spill response in sheltered waters
  • Countermeasure steps on slight seas
  • SPCC equipment of marinas and ports
  • In places where the boom can deflect oil away from sensitive location (shellfish beds, beaches etc.)


These booms are designed for use on sheltered waters; which have a small wave action (minimal white ridges Internal solid floats make the booms lightweight and strong. Always ready for deployment, no extra time or accessories required. Easy and convenient deployment and storage in a storage container. High float/weight ratio, provides good wave tracking. 25 meter standard section lengths which are joined with quick connectors.

Available in 2 standard sizes (SH-CB650 and SH-CB850). SH-CB450 is a custom curtain boom type recommended to use on smaller lakes and rivers (inland) available also in 10 m and 25 m section. Curtain booms have a high buoyancy to weight ratio and a good response to wave action making them useful in inland or sheltered water such as within a harbour. They have excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents and hydrocarbons. We can also manufacture in different material types (PU and Neoprene) please contact us to discuss your application.

The functionality of these booms is based on internal cylindrical foam floats, distributed across several independent chambers, which means that in the event of one of the chambers being compromised the boom will continue to remain operational.
They are light, easy to handle and always ready for deployment since they don’t need any equipment to activate the buoyancy chambers.
Because of the large buoyancy chambers you are guaranteed that the boom will present well on the water and maintain a strong upright position. Manufactured with 1 meter float sections; curtain booms have excellent wave tracking properties.
In addition, the distribution between the vertical stiffeners and horizontal floats provides increased distance between the centre of gravity and the centre of fairing, which reduces any heeling action.

The outer fabric is made of PVC-coated polyester with fungicide treatment, resistant to hydrocarbons, UV rays, detergents and other environmental agents. Manufactured with ASTM quick connectors (extruded aluminum) we also offer alternative connectors: flexible Norwegian, ASTM slide connectors, UNICON and pin type. The flotation elements are made from closed cell polymeric foams (expanded polystyrene) which make the boom unsinkable and lightweight, which has helps when deploying and recovering the product. We fit textile reinforcements at the points of greatest tension to help prolong the products “working life” and this includes adding stainless steel reinforcing plates at the points of most tension, such as where chains are attached.
Due to this type of booms sectional volume it is usually stowed in cages or on pallets, allowing for immediate deployment in case of emergency.


  • Storage rack
  • Quick deployment

Note - Freeboard is the vertical height of the product above the water and draft is the depth of the product below the water.

Curtain Booms
Art. No.: SH-CB450 SH-CB650 SH-CB850
Boom Type: Curtain boom with internal solid floats
Application: Calm water or protected water
Overall height (mm): 450 620 850
Freeboard (mm): 200 220 350
Draft (mm): 250 400 500
Section Length (m): 10 and 25 25 25
Connection*: Type Z ASTM Type Z ASTM Type Z ASTM
Deployment / storage option: Manually from a stillage, pallet or container
Required staff: 2 2 2
* Other connectors available
Boom requirement dependent on the water speed
Current speed in knots Boom to bank angle Length of boom in relation to width of river
0.36 m/s 90° 1 times
0.51 m/s 45° 1.4 times
0.77 m/s 30° 2 times
1.03 m/s 20° 3 times
1.29 m/s 16° 3.5 times
1.54 m/s 15° 4.3 times
1.80 m/s 11° 5 times
2.05 m/s 10° 5.7 times
2.32 m/s 7 times
Curtain Boom 650 mm