Air Booms

Typical applications are

  • Countermeasure steps of oil spill on high sea
  • Spill response on open waters
  • Bigger lakes and rivers oil spill prevention
  • Oil recovery and fire boat equipment
  • SPCC equipment for marinas and boats


These booms are designed for use on open water and the high seas with moderate to large waves depending on the models. It is for this reason that its use is recommended for exposed waters and offshore operations. When not in use they pack away flat making them ideal for stowing and deploying from a boom reel. High buoyancy to weight ratio which provides excellent wave tracking on open water or the high seas and bigger waving lakes. Manufactured in 25 meter long sections and fitted with quick connectors as standard. Available in 3 standard sizes (SH-AB750; SH-AB1000 and SH-AB1400). SH-AB450 is a custom air boom type recommended to use on lakes and rivers (inland) available also in 10 m and 25 m section. SH-AB450 models also can be stowing on pallets or in storage containers. They are light, easy to handle, requiring short staff for operating.
Air booms are typically deployed from response vessels where a foam fitted boom would be too bulky, the reduced volume of an air filled boom is also an asset when they have to be transported to a new location and they are ideal for open water where the high buoyancy to weight ratio asists the performance in the waves. They base their functionality on their high flotation capacity. This is achieved thanks to its inflatable cylindrical floats, distributed across several independent chambers, which means that in the event of one of the chambers being compromised the boom will continue to remain operational. At the same time, the chambers are robust, easily replaceable and slightly separated, allowing for great flexibility in adapting to wave movement.
They have excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents and hydrocarbons. Its large floats guarantee high buoyancy and an excellent buoyancy/weight ratio. Due to their low inflation pressure and good tightness they remain inflated for longer.

The outer fabric is made of PVC-coated polyester with fungicide treatment, resistant to hydrocarbons, UV rays, detergents and other environmental agents. The sections manufactured with ASTM quick connectors (extruded aluminium). We also offer alternative connectors: flexible Norwegian, ASTM slide connectors, UNICON and pin type.
The flotation chambers are also made of PVC-coated polyester fabrics, making the boom very reliable and light, guaranteeing its tightness and facilitating its handling. They are resistant, have textile reinforcements at the points of higher stress, flexions and abrasions, while the connections to the main tension elements (chain) are reinforced with stainless steel plates.
Due to this type of booms sectional volume it is usually stowed in reels or on pallets, allowing for immediate deployment in case of emergency.


  • Storage rack
  • Quick deployment container
  • Tidal risers
  • Towing bridles
  • Anchor equipment

Note - Freeboard is the vertical height of the product above the water and draft is the depth of the product below the water.

Air Booms
Art. No.: SH-AB450 SH-AB750 SH-AB1000 SH-AB1400
Boom Type: Air Boom
Application: Open waters
Overall height (mm): 448 750 935 1400
Freeboard (mm): 190 300 425 600
Draft (mm): 258 414 510 800
Section Length (m): 10 and 25 25 25 25
Connection*: Type Z ASTM Type Z ASTM Type Z ASTM Flexible
Deployment / storage option: Reel / Pallet / Container Reel
Required staff: 2 3 3 3
* Other connectors available
Boom requirement dependent on the water speed
Current speed in knots Boom to bank angle Length of boom in relation to width of river
0.36 m/s 90° 1 times
0.51 m/s 45° 1.4 times
0.77 m/s 30° 2 times
1.03 m/s 20° 3 times
1.29 m/s 16° 3.5 times
1.54 m/s 15° 4.3 times
1.80 m/s 11° 5 times
2.05 m/s 10° 5.7 times
2.32 m/s 7 times
Air Boom 450 mm