Fixol® Drum Length Universal

Typical applications are

  • Used as a barrier preventing and limiting oil and chemical spills in different types of industries
  • To fence off spill in depot or other storage space, where drum packages are used
  • Ideal for placing around leaking machines in machine rooms
  • Ideal for placing around printing machinery etc.
  • Its biggest advantage: it needs less frequent replacement
  • High absorption capacity


Fixol® Drum Length Universal can be used for prevention of spill and to fence off spill in depot or other storage space, where drum packages are used. It is recommended to use in combination with Drum Top Mat for minimizing all spill release. Fixol®Drum Length Universal may not be used outdoors as well, since it will absorb water. Fixol® Drum Length Universal is made with a loop in one of the ends, making it simple to fasten the Drum Length around a steel or plastic drum. Fixol® foam based products will absorb inorganic acids of up to 30% and organic acids of up to 100% concentration. Fixol® foam based products are suitable absorb alkalines too. Strong alkaline may dissolve the foam. All Fixol® products must be stored in tight original package until used.

Fixol® Drum Length Universal
Waste handling: Handle in accordance with local and national laws and directives. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions. Fixol® absorbent foam is made of material that are biodegradable.
* pallet size: 80 cm x 120 cm x 180 cm, weight: 65 kg
Art No.: SH-7102-1UNE
Content: Carbon, nitrogen, water, ammonium phosphate, water-soluble salt
Weight / size: Ca. 200 g,
220 cm x 8 cm Ø
Standard package: 15 pcs / box,
12 boxes / pallet*
7-8 litre liquid / pcs
Manufacturer: SANOL AB, Partille, Sweden
Miscellaneous: Will not bleed – absorbed fluids are contained in the product
Fixol® Drum Length Universal