Individual Spill Kit – 80 litre absorption capacity

Typical applications are

  • Hazardous material storages
  • Hazardous waste storages
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Petrol stations


The spill kit suitable to absorb petroleum products and can be used for water/water-based (acid and alkaline) fluids too. Introduced by the individual user's premises storage (eg. ADR certified plastic or metal drums, plastic storage boxes etc.) be stocked. The product categories can be changed to suit individual needs, which is the volume (units) and the technical aspects of the product (eg, 180 g / m² - thin; or 220 cm x 8 cm diameter, etc.) are not covered! (Example: instead of universal absorbent sheet is available on request oil only absorbent sheet; or Sanol™ Mat Oil Onlys instead of Fixol® Mat Universal etc.). IMPORTANT: For custom needs, please contact us! When the absorbents are used up, a practical refill package is available. All Sanol™ and Fixol® products must be stored in tight original package until used.

Individual Spill Kit
Individual spill kit for absorbing oil and chemicals up to 80 litres of liquid
Art No.: SH-KK/0801
Waste handling: The Sanol absorbents may be completely incinerated, but after absorption of hazardous liquids, the national or regional regulations may not allow such handling. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions. Sanol™ absorbent foam is made of material that are biodegradable.
80 litres of liquid
Contents: 10 pcs of absorbent sheets oil only
(180 g / m² - thin)
10 pcs of absorbent sheets oil only
(300 g / m² - thick)
10 pcs of absorbent sheets universal
(180 g / m² - thin)
10 pcs of absorbent sheets universal
(300 g / m² - thick)
1 pcs of Sanol™ Drum Length Oil Only
(220 cm x 8 cm Ø)
1 pcs of Fixol® Drum Length Universal
(220 cm x 8 cm Ø)
1 pcs of Sanol™ Mat Oil Only
(75 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm)
1 pcs of Fixol® Mat Universal
(75 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm)
10 kg of Diamix Plus granulate
(in plastic bag)
0,5 kg of sealing putty
1 pair of protective gloves
1 pair of protective gloves (acid and alcali resistant)
2 pcs of waste bags + 2 pcs of cable ties
2 pcs of stickers with "Hazardous waste" subtitle on
Carton box (Size: 60 cm x 40 cm x 42 cm)
Individual Spill Kit, 80 l