Spill Containment

Conical Drain Plug Ø 35-70 mm

Art No.'s: SH-CDP-035070, SH-CDP-060092, SH-CDP-085120, SH-CDP-120180, SH-CDP-170230

Ideal to quickly and effectively seal holes in pipework, drums, other containers, etc. Durable polyurethane plug forms a liquid-tight, chemical-resistant seal in seconds. Just wedge plug in drain for an easy alternative to permanently sealing your drains.

Drain Cover for Drain Shape Circle 45 cm

Art. No's: SH-DC-45, SH-DC-85

Circular Polyurethane Drain Cover: Ideal for quick sealing of circular manhole shafts and drain shape circles with surface leaked liquid. Also suitable for preventive use during transport, loading and unloading as well as transfer of hazardous substances.