Galvanised Steel Double IBC Spill Pallet

Typical applications are

  • Chemical industry, chemical storage
  • Hazardous goods storage (liquid)
  • Liquid hazardous waste storage
  • Oil and lubricant management
  • Food industry


Manufactured from 2mm structural grade galvanised steel this spill pallet is designed to accommodate 2 x 1000ltr IBC and has a sump that complies with the 110% rule on sump capacities. The unit is fitted with six galvanised legs to ensure the underside of the sump is not in contact with the ground and aid movement/positioning by pallet truck or fork lift truck.

Galvanised Steel Double IBC Spill Pallet
Art. No.: SH-S2-IBC
Material: galvanised steel
Colour: steel
Length: 2450 mm
Width: 1220 mm
Height: 550 mm
Tare weight: 164 kg
Sump capacity: 1100 ltr
UDL: 2300 kg
Galvanizált fém kármentő tálca ráccsal 2 db IBC tartályhoz - 1100 literes