Sealing putty

Typical applications are

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil industry
  • Industrial plant’s spill control containment equipment
  • Disaster organization’s equipment


Combination of a high sorptive polymer in a bentonite base. Chemically inert. Aggressive acids does not apply. Until dry, 24 to 48 hours in an efficient. Usability repeated coats may be extended. The product avaliable as dry granules or pre-mixed ready to use putty.


Application of pre-mixed ready to use putty no surface preparation is required. Sticks to dirty/rusty/greasy surfaces instantly. If the leak of liquid can flow, the wet mixture can be used. The improved surface is resistant to vibration during transport.

The dry granules suitable for hazardous fluids to prevent access to the environment. Just mix with water 1:1 that forms a barrier to aqueous liquids around a drain or spill. It is suitable to stop the leakage into a drain. Applies directly onto leaking container to form a seal. No surface preparation is required.

The polymer produces a protective seal against penetration of fuels, chemicals and other fluids. Scoop out and apply to instantly stop leaks. Be sure to secure lid tightly so unused portions are not exposed to air which will dry the putty out.

Sealing putty
Art No.: SH-4037X SH-SPD1000
State: Ready-to-use putty
Dry granules
(needs to be mixed with water 1:1)
Weight: 0,5 kg / plastic pail 5 kg / plastic pail
Standard package: 1 pcs of plastic pail 1 pcs of plastic pail
Sealing putty - Ready to use putty