Drain Covers, Leak Sealing Putty

Csatornafedő lap 40 x 40 cm

Art. No's: SH-DC-040, SH-DC-060, SH-DC-090, SH-DC-120

Polyurethane Draincover: Ideal for quick sealing of manhole shafts with surface leaked liquid. Also suitable for preventive use during transport, loading and unloading as well as transfer of hazardous substances.

Sealing putty - Ready to use putty
Art. No's: SH-4037X, SH-SPD1000

Clay based sealing putty provides quick and effective short term sealing for drums, tanks, IBC containers and pipes. Ideal for rapid response to unexpected leakages of liquid. The product is resistant to chemicals, solvents, oils compared. Non-toxic, non-flammable.