Sanol™ Foam based

Sanol™ Boom Oil Only

Sanol™ Boom Oil Only 18 cm Ø

Sanol™ Booms are mainly used for oil spills in lakes, harbours and rivers, but can also be used for fencing off larger oil spills or leakage in industrial areas. It can be used combinated with pvc oil containment boom.

Sanol™ Length Oil Only

Sanol Length Oil Only

Sanol™ Length may be used, for instance, as a barrier preventing and limiting oil and chemical spills, in different types of industries. Sanol Lengths are perfect for placing around leaking machines in machine rooms, printing industries, etc. Can be used for all types of machine equipment as an absorbent for fencing off accidental or continuous leakage.

Sanol™ Drum Length Oil Only

Sanol™ Drum Length Oil Only

Sanol™ Drum Length Oil Only can be used for prevention of spill and to fence off spill in depot or other storage space, where drum packages are used.

Sanol™ Solid Foam (Tubes)

Sanol™ Solid Foam (Tubes)

Sanol™ solid tubes are recommended as raw material for disaster control and management organizations to produce booms and grinded foam in Sanol grinder and blower machine. Wrapping and netting for boom production is available upon request.

Sanol™ Foam (Grinded)

Sanol™ Foam

Sanol™ grinded foam is recommended for disaster control and management organizations, industrial companies and craft harbours to eliminate smaller oil spills on the water surface. Can be also used to absorb collected floating oil from oil separators. The grinded foam can be straight strewn to the oil spill.