Yachting emergency kit

Typical applications are

  • Cleaning bilge water of small boats
  • Refuelling of small boats
  • Repairing of small boats


Bilge sausage for  small to medium leisure boats. Place i keelson bilge for absorption of all types of oil products in the bilge water. Floats on water. By the movement of the waves, the surface of the keelson is swept clean. Comes with a practical fastening loop. Made of Sanol foam.
Fuel Pad For protection against foaming and overfill. Prevent fuel spill and splashing on boat hull and surrounding waters. Suitable for all petroleum products. Protects lacquers on plastic and wooden boats. Made of polypropylene.
Absorbtion sheet for easy extraction of all types of oil, gasoline, diesel, and petroleum-based products. Versatile use: Workshop bench, drip under the vehicle, under the chainsaw, the oil filter when changing filters, etc. Made of polypropylene.

Yachting emergency kit
Art. No.: SH-1000
Contents: Sanol™ bilge Sausage - Small
Art. No.: A7100-K-72E
Packaging: 1 db
Size: 36 cm x 8 cm ø
Absorption capacity: 1 litre
Fuel Pad unpackaged
Art. No.: A7137-1E
Packaging: 1 db
Size: 25 cm x 20 cm
Sorption capacity: kb. 0,2 litre
Absorption sheet
Art. No.: A7137-1
Packaging: 2 db
Size: 40 cm x 50 cm
Sorption capacity: kb. 0,8 litre / pcs
Yachting emergency kit