Yachting emergency kit display

Typical applications are

  • Small craft harbours
  • Sales at sluice


Yachting emergency kit display is an attachable emergency package for incident control containing a mixture of absorbtion supplies. By placing it accessable, products are readily available when needed. It is offered to use in ports.

Harbour emergency absorbent kit display
Art. No.: SH-A991
Contents: 18 pcs Sanol™ bilge Sausage - Small
(36 x 8 cm ø, Absorption capacity: 1 litre / pcs)
30 pcs Fuel Pad
(25 x 20 cm, Absorption capacity: ca. 0,2 litre / pcs)
10 packages Absorption sheet
(40 x 50 cm, Absorption capacity: ca. 0,8 litre / pcs)
Yachting emergency kit display