Sanol™ Bilge sausage „Kölsvinskôrv”

Typical applications are

  • Cleaning bilge water of small boats
  • Cleaning bilge water of riverine boats
  • Absorb the afloating oil from oil separators
  • Cleaning for technological pools of wastewater and careening basins etc.


Sanol™ Bilge sausage is a specially designed absorption product for smaller and medium boats. Used for absorption of oil that has entered the keelson water. By the movement of the waves, the surface of the keelson is swept clean. Floats on water. Comes with a practical fastening loop. Will not bleed - absorbed fluids are contained in the product.

Waste handling

The Sanol™ absorbents may be completely incinerated, but after absorption of hazardous liquids, the national or regional regulations may not allow such handling. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions. Sanol™ absorbent foam is made of material that are biodegradable.

Sanol™ bilge sausages (Kölsvinskôrv)
Large Medium Small
Art No.: SH-7101-KE SH-7110-1E SH-7100-K-72E
Weight / size: 200 g,
60 cm x 18 cm Ø
120 g,
50 cm x 13 cm Ø
80 g,
36 cm x 8 cm Ø
Standard package: 6 pcs / carton,
12 boxes / pallet
24 pcs / carton,
12 boxes / pallet
72 pcs / carton,
12 boxes / pallet
Ca. 7-9 litre oil / pcs 4-5 litre oil / pcs Ca. 1 litre oil / pcs
Content: Carbon, nitrogen, water, ammonium phosphate
Manufacturer: SANOL AB, Partille, Sweden
Bilge sausage „Kölsvinskôrv” (60 cm x 18cm Ø)