Fuel Pad

Typical applications are

  • Refuelling of small boats
  • Refuelling of riverine boats
  • Fuel transloading


Made of polypropylene. Protects lacquers on plastic and wooden boats. Use the Fuel Pad as protection between tank gun and boat when refueling. It absorbs effectively up all gasoline or diesel come out by mistake during refueling. There is no iris on the water, no fuel at boat nor in the water. You can use me more than 50 times.

Waste handling

Handle in accordance with local and national laws and directives. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions.

Fuel Pad
Art. No.: SH-7135-1E
Packaging: 10 pcs
Size: 25 cm x 20 cm ø
Sorption capacity: ca. 0,2 litre
Description: 10 pieces of Fuel Pad in package
Fuel Pad