Sanol™ Solid Foam (Tubes)

Typical applications are

  • Disaster organizations supplies with the row material
  • Row material of the Sanol™ Booms preparing to batch into the grinding machine
  • Row material of the Sanol™ grinded foam preparing to batch into the grinding machine
Sanol™ Solid Foam (Tubes)


Sanol™ solid tubes are available for wholesale packed in cardboard boxed for the easier transportation. This product recomended those customers who has got a grinder Absorbents are produced by an unique process and raw materials developed by Sanol AB, giving a hardened bio-foam which is biologically degradable. Sanol™ is since long time a well-known trade mark. However, we have spent lot of resources on development and refining of our products during the last few years and have updated our whole concept to modern standards. Independent laboratory tests show that Sanol™ bio-foam has a pre-eminent absorption capacity (35 times its own weight) and outstanding absorption rate. Will not bleed – absorbed fluids are contained in the product. We propose this product our that customers who has got Sanol™ grinding machine. All Sanol™ products must be stored in tight original package until used.

Waste handling

The Sanol™ absorbents may be completely incinerated, but after absorption of hazardous liquids, the national or regional regulations may not allow such handling. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions. Sanol™ absorbent foam is made of material that are biodegradable.

Sanol™ Solid Foam (Tubes)
* pallet size: 120 cm x 80 cm x 180 cm, weight: 50 kg
Art No.: SH-R17-E
Content: Carbon, nitrogen, water, ammonium phosphate
Weight / size: 35 kg / 2 boxes,
120 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm, kb. 1 m³ / 2 boxes
Absorption capacity: Ca. 735 litre / m³
Manufacturer: SANOL AB, Partille, Sweden
Standard package: 2 boxes / pallet*
Sanol Solid Foam (Tubes)