Marine Spill Equipment

Merülőfal abszorbens védekezési hurkával 13 cm Ø x 5 m

Art No.'s: SH-ABPVC13-5, SH-ABPVC13-10, SH-ABPVC20-5, SH-ABPVC20-10

It is designed for quick deployment this containment boom combinated with absorbent boom. This booms are floating, physical barriers to oil, made of plastic which keep the oil contained and absorb in the meantime.

Felfújható merülőfal 448 mm x 25 m

Art. No's: SH-AB450, SH-AB750, SH-AB1000, SH-AB1400

Boom with inflatable cylindrical floats. Designed for compact storage and quick deployment which are important characteristics when dealing with spill response at sea or bigger lakes and rivers depending on the models.

Olajfogó merülőfal sekély vizekhez 620 mm x 25 m

Art. No's: SH-CB450, SH-CB650, SH-CB850

Curtain booms with solid internal float. Ideal for containing oil in sheltered waters and slight seas.

Iszap- és hordalékfogó merülőfal

Art. No's: SH-SB450, SH-SB650, SH-SB900

Contain sediment or silt when working on the banks of rivers or when dredging, excavating or piling in water.

Sanol™ Boom Oil Only 18 cm Ø

Art.No's: SH-7120-3E, SH-7125-1E, SH-7101-1E

Sanol™ Booms are mainly used for oil spills in lakes, harbours and rivers, but can also be used for fencing off larger oil spills or leakage in industrial areas. It can be used combinated with pvc oil containment boom.

Sanol™ Foam

Art.No.: SH-R14-E

Sanol™ grinded foam is recommended for disaster control and management organizations, industrial companies and craft harbours to eliminate smaller oil spills on the water surface. Can be also used to absorb collected floating oil from oil separators. The grinded foam can be straight strewn to the oil spill.

Sanol™ Solid Foam (Tubes)

Art.No.: SH-R17-E

Sanol™ solid tubes are recommended as raw material for disaster control and management organizations to produce booms and grinded foam in Sanol grinder and blower machine. Wrapping and netting for boom production is available upon request.