Boat Absorbents

Sanol™ Bilge sausage „Kölsvinskôrv”

Sanol™ bilge sausage - Large

Art.No's: SH-7101-KE, SH-7110-1E, SH-7100-K-72E

"Bilge sausage" is for small to medium leisure boats. Place i keelson bilge for absorption of all types of oil products in the bilge water.

Fuel Pad

Fuel Pad

Art.No.: SH-7135-1E

For protection against foaming and overfill. Prevent fuel spill and splashing on boat hull and surrounding waters. Suitable for all petroleum products.

Absorption Sheet

Absorbtion Sheet

Art.No.: SH-7131-1E

Absorption sheet for easy extraction of all types of oil, gasoline, diesel, and petroleum-based products.

Boat emergency absorbent kit

Yachting emergency kit

Art.No.: SH-1000

Boat emergency kit is an attachable emergency package for incident control containing a mixture of absorption supplies. By placing it accessible, products are readily available when needed.