Rope for Booms

Typical applications are

  • Disaster organizations supplies for preparing Booms


Sanol™ Boom is used to fence a leakage in surface water. Used at sea, in lakes, rivers, coastlines or harbours. The boom serves either as preventing purpose or a leakage remediation. The boom both fences and absorbs. Disaster organizations equiped by grinding and spraying machine can be produced the Boom themselves which is essential to use the rope. Booms can be produced in the place of water quality defense. Wrapping and row material for boom production is available upon request.

Waste handling

The Sanol™ absorbents may be completely incinerated, but after absorption of hazardous liquids, the national or regional regulations may not allow such handling. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions. Sanol™ absorbent foam is made of material that are biodegradable.

Rope for Booms
Art No.: SH-R5
Diameter: 8 mm
Length: 500 m
Standard package: 500 m / roll
Rope for Booms