Plastic leaf for packaging Booms

Typical applications are

  • Disaster organizations supplies for preparing Booms


Sanol™ Boom is used to fence a leakage in surface water. Used at sea, in lakes, rivers, coastlines or harbours. The boom serves either as preventing purpose or a leakage remediation. The boom both fences and absorbs. Disaster organizations equiped by grinding and spraying machine can be produced the Boom themselves. Booms can be produced in the place of water quality defense or before. The plastic leaf is essential for packaging the pre-made Booms. Accessoires and row material for boom production is available upon request.


The product is a packaging material. The relevant local regulations must be observed.

Plastic leaf for packaging Booms
Art No.: SH-R8-E
Material: LDPE
Width: 50 cm
Lenght: cca. 675 m
Weight: 29,8 kg
Standard package: 1 pcs of roll
Plastic leaf for packaging Booms