Oil Only Absorbent Flat Pillow 30x50 cm

Typical applications are

  • Absorbing high volume oil leakage from machines
  • Absorbs leakage from vehicles
  • At road accidents
  • On filling stations
  • As a filter when mixing water soluble products in combination with oils
  • Absorbing high volume of carbon hydrogens from water and solid surfaces


Our oil only absorbent pillow is filled up with polypropylene melt blown (pulp) material. Outer material is polypropylene spunbond. Absorbent pillows are ideal for absorbing leaks that are too large for absorbent pads. The large surface area of our absorbent pillows make clean-up fast and easy. Due to its flat shape, this pillow is also well placed under machines. Absorbent pillows are available in packages. The unique properties of the material will ensure immediate absorption of petroleum and other organic liquids. (For example: motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, organic solvents, diesel oil, petrol, etc.) The Oil Only absorbent pillow repels all water (including water miscible liquids) and will contain the absorbed liquids without leakage or separation. One piece of absorbent pillow may absorbs approximately 3,45 litres of liquids, depending on temperature, viscosity and the density of the liquid. Will give perfect solution to absorb higher volume of spills and leakages from water and solid surfaces. Absorbent pillows are available by Oil Only, Universal and Chemical versions.

Waste handling

Handle in accordance with local and national laws and directives. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions.

Oil Only Absorbent Flat Pillow 30x50 cm
Art No.: SH-OP-3050
Content: Polypropylene (Pulp)
Weight / size: 0,375 kg/pcs; 3,75 kg/package, 30 x 50 cm
Sorption capacity: 34,5 litres/package
Standard package: 10 pcs/package (PE foil), 20 packs/pallet
Pallet size: 100 cm x 120 cm x 205 cm, weight: max. 100 kg