Absorbent Roll Oil Only

Typical applications are

  • Ideal for placing under leaking machines in machine rooms and workshops
  • To clean up the tools in car mechanic and engine repair workshops
  • Leakage from engins under the vehicles
  • To fence off spill in depots or hazardous waste storage spaces, under the drum packages


Absorbent rolls oil only are woven from a unique type of polypropylene fibres, giving the product extremely good absorption ability and capacity for all types of organic fluids, i.e. motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, organic solvents, diesel oil, petrol, etc. Continuous lengths of absorption sheets. It is tearable along the perforation line. The rolls have a very quick absorption rate and will contain the absorbed product with minimum risk for release again. Until saturation, the rolls will be capable of absorbing ca 10-12 times its own area weight or, in volumes, about 2 litres per m² for the thinner qualities up to ca. 4-5 litres per m² for the thicker qualities. The actual results will depend on the type of fluid that shall be absorbed, its viscosity and the temperature.

Waste handling

Handle in accordance with local and national laws and directives. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions.

Absorbent Roll Oil Only
Light-Weight Heavy-Weight Heavy-Weight
Art No.: SH-OR-180-4080 SH-OR-300-4040 SH-OR-300-8040
Content: Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Weight / size: 180 g / m², 5.76 kg / roll
0,4 m x 80 m, 32 m²
300 g / m², 4.8 kg / roll
0,4 m x 40 m, 16 m²
300 g / m², 9.6 kg / roll
0,8 m x 40 m, 32 m2
92-101 litres of oil / roll,
ca. 3 litres / m²
68-74 litres of oil / roll,
ca. 4.5 litres / m²
137-149 litres of oil / roll,
ca. 4.5 litres / m²
Standard package: 30 pcs rolls / pallet* 30 pcs rolls / pallet** 12 pcs rolls / pallet***
* pallet size: 80 cm x 120 cm x 220 cm, weight: max. 200 kg
** pallet size: 80 cm x 120 cm x 220 cm, weight: max. 175 kg
*** pallet size: 80 cm x 120 cm x 180 cm, weight: max. 150 kg
Absorbent Roll Oil Only (0,4 m x 80 m)