Drum Top Mat Chemical

Typical applications are

  • Covering the drums in industrial plants and chemical industry
  • Car mechanic and engine repair workshops covering drums of water, water soluble liquids storage
  • Hazardous waste containers of water, water soluble waste liquids storage drums covering
  • Covering the drums when water, water soluble liquids are transloading


Hydrophilic textile meltblown sorbents are suitable for prevention and disposal of spills of dangerous liquids - acids, basis and other dangerous water soluble chemicals and for emulsions of oil, oil derivates and fats. They could not be used on water surface.

The non-woven cover on both sides of meltblown sheets, so it is durable, has a great tensile strength and wear resistant. High lofted meltblown polypropylene ensures quick and excellent absorbency and fluid retention. Bonded by points for reduced linting and improved tensile strength. Their primal usage is to be used as placed on top of drums that contain extremely dangerous chemicals (acid, alkali, poison) to absorb the dripping hazardous waste.

Not suitable for outdoor applications, where rain and moisture will shorten the effective service lifetime of the mat. One piece of Drum Top Mat may absorbs approximately 1 to 1.5 litres of liquids, depending on temperature, viscosity and the density of the liquid. The Drum Top Mat is designed to fit on standard size oil drums (216,5 litres = 55 gallons), with holes for the drum connections (2” and ¾”) giving a securing of the mat and preventing it from sliding off the top. Will give perfect protection against spills and small leakage for a long time.

Very effective, easy to use, extremely absorbent, yellow drum top mat. Industrial textile, suitable for chemical materials. Can be used to absorb excessively aggressive liquids, acids, alkalis and toxic chemicals. Chemical absorbent materials are hydrophile so they can absorb water excellently.

Waste handling

Handle in accordance with local and national laws and directives. Always contact the local authorities for advice and recommended actions.

Drum Top Mat Chemical
Art. No: SH-CDL-180
Content: Polypropylene
Weight / size: 130-229 g / m2; 1.1 kg / pack, 56 cm Ø
Sorption capacity: 8 - 10 l / kg, 11 l / pack
Standard package: 25 pcs/pack
* pallet size: 80 cm x 120 cm x 180 cm, weight: max. 300 kg
Drum Top Mat Chemical