Consulting for companies

After a personal consultation we offer our most suitable product to your activity.

During the consultation we investigate:

  • Whether you are obliged to have Spill Prevention Plans in accordance to the local environmental laws (This part of the service is available only in Hungary)
  • We determine the potential defending points and point out the endangered areas in case of a spill or leakage on surface water
  • We determine the necessary steps towards intiation of the safety operation
  • We compile your company's personal spill prevention pla

ConsultingWe have the possibility to give you and your company a first grade education in the cleanup process of liquids. We have many years of experience in handling oil spill and decontamination of several liquids from pH1 to pH14. Please contact us for further information for a complete list of our training program.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment for an onsite consultation!