Company Profile

Sanol Hungary Kft. is a 100% Hungarian owned company, established in 2012. Our main activity is the domestic and international wholesale and retail distribution of the following: environmental spill and absorbent materials, tools and equipment, industrial and non-woven wipes and different types of filter materials.

Considering our services, we handle the process of local consultations, site investigations for our customers. During these, we do recommendation of the most fitting emergency materials and equipment for your technology or environmental harm.

Examples of our inland sales references:

MOL Nyrt., ISD Dunaferr Zrt., Mátrai Erőmű Zrt., STRABAG Építőipari Zrt., BAHART Zrt., GE Aviation Hungary Kft., MÜ-GU Kft., MATERIÁL Vegyipari Szövetkezet, MCS Vágóhíd Zrt., SK Battery Manufacturing Kft., SMR Automotive Bt.

Our general distributed products:

  • absorbent materials (hydrophobic, hydrophilic)
  • industrial wipes (microfiber), lint-free rayon wipes for aviation
  • railway emergency roll
  • chemical absorbent materials (acid and alkali absorbent granulates, sausage, pillow, sheet, roll)
  • oil absorbent materials (pillow, sheet, roll, snake, sausage, quilt, granulate)
  • universal absorbent materials (pillow, sheet, roll, snake, sausage, quilt, granulate)
  • spill kit, emergency ADR kit
  • marine spill kit, absorbent equipment
  • spill tray (general, drum pallet, IBC spill pallet, sump pallet)
  • mobile emergency container
  • containment boom
  • drain cover
  • skimmer
  • filter material (water filter)

Typical applications of our products:

  • damage control organizations
  • traffic companies
  • ports, nautical companies
  • gas stations, petrol stations
  • oil and chemical industries
  • businesses engaged in manufacturing
  • energy industry, transformer stations
  • automobile works, car repair workshops, auto scrap yards
  • companies dealing with storage, usage and river/road transportation of hazardous goods/wastes
  • mining
  • aircraft industry, airplane part manufacturing
  • food processing plants
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • iron and steel making
  • metal processing workshop equipment

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