Company Profile

Sanol Hungary Ltd. was established as the execlusive distributor of the Swedish SANOL AB for Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria. We specialize in the wholesale and retail trading of SANOL™ absorbent products for oil based fluids and universal purposes.

We offer our partners the best available price/performance ratio and technology in spill prevention.

We recommend our products for:

  • emergency services
  • harbours, shipping companies
  • petrol stations
  • oil and chemical companies
  • car manufacturers
  • car repair services, scrapyards
  • storage depots, hazardous goods/waste transporter companies and users
  • fishing companies or organisations specialising in shipping of hazardous material
  • food industrial companies

Sanol™ is biologically degradable foam based product and thus it is kind to the environment.

Water quality protection, Sanol™ foam spreading on the surface water

Sanol™ is the Oil Only Absorbents product range that primarily absorbs all fat liquids, for instance oil, petrol, diesel etc. but rejects water. Sanol™ absorbs organic acids of up to 100% concentration and inorganic acids of up to 30% concentration. Sanol™ is available as booms, mattresses, lengths, solid tubes and flocculated. Sanol™ absorption boom can be used to protect and fence in various areas from oil spills and other chemical discharge. Within industrial production companies Sanol™ can be used as an emergency precaution in case of an accident involving oil or chemicals. In vulnerable wild life areas where birds may be threatened by an oil slick, the water surface can be sprayed with Sanol™ - then the birds can swim right through the slick without getting oil on their feathers. Oil-saturated Sanol™ can be collected by various skimmer pumps, sludge vans or oil sieves. Disposal of used Sanol™ material should always be carried out in accordance with the regulations of local authorities. Sanol™ is biologically degradable foam and is thus kind to environment.

Universal Absorbents is the product range (Fixol), which absorbs all kinds of liquids, for instance ammonium, white spirit, cooling liquid, acids, oils and water.

As our company became the exclusive distributor of the Russian Diamix Group from 2014, our product range had broadened with DIAMIX multifunctional mineral absorbent granulates. These exclusive distribution rights cover the former Yugoslav republics as well (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia). Diamix is a mineral-based granules made of diatomite, a lake sediments mostly formed by the shells of diatoms. It is a versatile sorbent for effective removal of oil, grease, water, solvents, chemicals and other liquids on solid surfaces. Diamix absorbs and neutralizes toxic, flammable and explosive waste and is safe. (chemically inert).

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