Double IBC Bund Pallet With Four Way Access

Art. No.: SH-IBC-B2FW

Suitable for 2 x 1000ltr IBC this yellow polyethylene bund pallet has 4-way base fork pockets for easy access and a heavy duty load capacity. This model comes with a removable black grid to assist cleaning.

IBC Spill Pallet for 1 x 1000 ltr IBC Deck

Art. No.: SH-IBC-B3G

This IBC spill pallet is fully compliant with the UK and EU 110% bund regulation and is specifically designed for use with most common footprints of 1000ltr intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

IBC Spill Pallet for 2 x 1000 ltr IBCs Without Deck

Art. No.: SH-IBC-B4

This IBC spill pallet is designed for use with 2 x 1000ltr IBCs. With integral support columns rather than decking it is manufactured from polyethylene for total corrosion protection and broad chemical compatibility. Base fork pockets provided easy loading onto a forklift truck.

Drain Cover

Art. No's: SH-DC-040, SH-DC-060, SH-DC-090, SH-DC-120

Polyurethane Draincover: Ideal for quick sealing of manhole shafts with surface leaked liquid. Also suitable for preventive use during transport, loading and unloading as well as transfer of hazardous substances.

Смес за уплътняване

Смес за уплътняване - готово за употреба
Партиден No.: SH-4037X, SH-SPD1000

Смес за уплътняване на основата на глината, осигурява бързо и ефективно краткосрочно уплътнение на варели, танкове, IBC контейнери и тръби. Идеален е за моментна употреба при внезапни течове или разливи. Продуктът е устойчив на химикали, разтворители, масла. Неточксичен и незапалим.

Absorbent Booms with PVC Skirts

Art No.'s: SH-ABPVC13-5, SH-ABPVC13-10, SH-ABPVC20-5, SH-ABPVC20-10

It is designed for quick deployment this containment boom combinated with absorbent boom. This booms are floating, physical barriers to oil, made of plastic which keep the oil contained and absorb in the meantime.

Fence booms with solid internal float

Art. No's: SH-FB500, SH-FB750, SH-FB1000

This oil and debris barrier is typically used for rapid deployment in protected waters such as rivers and inner harbours for surrounding vessels or protecting resources.